Fees - debt settlement

Fees - debt settlement

Fees - debt settlement

registration fee

free of charge

overdue fee  for 3-4 week documents

60 Ft/day

late fee for short-term documents

70 Ft/day

postage with registered handling fee

830 Ft

postage with return receipt handling fee

1155 Ft

handling cost of lost book replacement

2000 Ft

photocopy A/4 black and white

15 Ft/page

photocopy A/3 black and white

30 Ft/page

photocopy A/4 colour

150 Ft/page

photocopy A/3 colour

300 Ft/page

print A/4 black and white

15 Ft/page

print A/3 black and white

30 Ft/page

print A/4 colour

150 Ft/page

print A/3 colour

300 Ft/page

scanning A/4

15 Ft/page

scanning A/3

30 Ft/page

Paying library fines

  • Debt settlement in person: you can settle your financial debt in the easiest way locally, during opening hours, exclusively in the library where the financial debt was incurred.
  • Debt settlement by bank transfer:

    Beneficiary: Eötvös Loránd University 
    Beneficiary bank account number: 10032000-01426201-00000000
    Amount: amount to be transferred

    Notice/Announcement:  B111KKPPK könyvtári tartozás

    After the transfer, send the receipt/confirmation to the address: konyvtar@ppk.elte.hu