Turnitin Plagiarism Checker



Turnitin Feedback Studio software is a plagiarism checker, originality checker, and writing support program. The interface enables instructors to check the originality of texts written by students. The program also compares the theses and articles uploaded with scientific texts, internet content and texts uploaded by other students.

It shows three types of problems:

  • Text matches, i.e. plagiarism
  • Text manipulation, invisible character changes
  • Generated text, i.e. texts created by chatbots

As of 04/05/2023, Turnitin has launched a trial version of its AI writing recognition feature, which can distinguish AI-written content from human-written content, specifically for student work. The continuously developed technology currently supports the recognition of English language texts.

The Faculty has developed a policy on the use of artificial intelligence in education and research. The guidelines are available.

ELTE PPK Turnitin Subscription

ELTE PPK has a subscription to the Turnitin Feedback Studio plagiarism filter software from 30.11.2022 to 01.08.2023.
The subscription does not cover ELTE's other Faculties, their instructors and students.

Instructor’s access

ELTE PPK instructors can request access from the PPK Turnitin administrator. To do this, an e-mail must be sent from a PPK employee address to the faculty's Turnitin administrator. The faculty's Turnitin administration is handled by Dóra Belme at the moment, if you have any questions or requests, please contact her by e-mail.

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Student’s access

Students may use Turnitin only through assignments assigned by instructors. You have to register as a student on the software's page, and then use the code given to you by the instructor to access the interface of the task assigned to them. The result of the check can be seen if the instructor’s setting allows it.

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Information about Turnitin

Software information and Information on using the software .

Turnitin help and video-help.