On the registration of the publishing activities of Eötvös Loránd University 6/2012. (II. 23.) ELTE has a rector's instruction.

The data appearing in the MTMT database must be taken into account in the procedures for assessing the requirements of the lecturer, in the habilitation procedure, in the selection of the doctoral member and supervisor, in the procedure for obtaining the doctoral degree and in the scientific publication activity. The publication activity must be substantiated by the data in the MTMT.

The scope of the Rector's Instruction extends to civil servants, students and doctoral candidates of the University and professor emeritus. The material scope of the instruction extends to the full range of educational, research, technical and artistic works and performances of certain persons, including those not published as a publication of the University (hereinafter collectively: publications), provided that in the case of students and doctoral candidates this legal relationship publications published at the OTDK, as well as works that have won prizes in other international or national competitions.

The author of the works is responsible for uploading the data of scientific works, keeping them up-to-date, and for the authenticity of the data in the MTMT database, even if he does not upload the data in person. Proper upload of the data is required by the relevant 6/2012. (II. 23.) rector's instruction and is regulated by Section 7.

ELTE lecturers and students can register in the system independently on the MTMT website.


  • on the MTMT website (,with the help of MTMT coordinator colleagues directly.
  • During the registration, the exact organizational unit (at the lowest level of the hierarchy in the system) must be specified within the Eötvös Loránd University, such as the department. Doctoral students must choose the doctoral school, students must choose the name “Student” within the faculty.
  • If you are a public body and / or academic member and do not know your entry details, please ask the faculty MTMT coordinators for help.
  • Those who took part in the work, research and applications of academic institutions have most likely already been registered. If you do not know your login details, contact the faculty MTMT coordinators for assistance.
  • If, due to an application or internal regulations, you need to publish your scientific oeuvre in MTMT and / or a printed version of it, please contact the MTMT administrator at least a few weeks before the deadline for administrative assistance, who can help you to the uploaded publications reach the approval status required for the review.
  • With requests and questions related to uploading and checking search for faculty / institute coordinators, and administrators primaril

     Learn more about registration here, about administration here, using MTMT here.


Professional management of the operation of the MTMT is provided by the University Library. Central information and administration:

Szabó Dóra  (, telephone extension : 3436). 

MTMT administrators of our faculty:

Dömsödy Andrea Kazinczy street Kazinczy street professors, PHD students, ESI professors
Horváth Klára Izabella street Izabella sstreet professors, PHD students

Upload instructions:

Help on the MTMT site

Guidelines in the ELTE Digital Institutional Knowledge Base (EDIT)

Additional guides:

Short guide

Training interface for MTMT, can be used with registration.