Wifi, remote access

Wifi, remote access

Wifi, remote access


The wireless internet service in the Libraries of ELTE PPK is provided by the Informatics Directorate of ELTE.

  • The Wifi service of the Eötvös Loránd University's IT Directorate is available to all Eötvös Loránd University citizens. Use of the service is personal and requires a WiFi ID. The IIG ID can be applied for electronically through the Customer Portal of the IT Directorate
  • EDUROAM: Users who are not ELTE citizens but whose home institution has joined Eduroam can use the WiFi network called EDUROAM with their own institutional ID.
  • More IT services here.


Our online resources are only available from the university IP range. Full-text accesses of databases subscribed to by ELTE are provided remotely via VPN and ELTE IIG ID.

The service is also available from abroad. Before leaving, you should check the operation of the service.

Installation and operating instruction:  VPN

If you have any questions during the proxy setup, please contact the IT specialists of ELTE by e-mail (kazy.informatika@elte.hu or izu.informatika@elte.hu).

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