Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Turnitin - subscription 09/19/23 - 09/19/26

Turnitin - subscription 09/19/23 - 09/19/26

Turnitin Feedback Studio software is a plagiarism checker, originality checker, and writing support program. The interface enables instructors to check the originality of texts written by students. The program also compares the theses and articles uploaded with scientific texts, internet content and texts uploaded by other students.

It shows three types of problems:

  • Text matches, i.e. plagiarism
  • Text manipulation, invisible character changes
  • Generated text, i.e. texts created by chatbots

As of 04/05/2023, Turnitin has launched a trial version of its AI writing recognition feature, which can distinguish AI-written content from human-written content, specifically for student work. The continuously developed technology currently supports the recognition of English language texts. This feature is currently not available in the university subscription.

The Faculty has developed a policy on the use of artificial intelligence in education and research. The guidelines are available.

ELTE Turnitin Subscription

ELTE has a subscription to the Turnitin Feedback Studio plagiarism filter software from 19.09.2023 to 19.09.2026.

Access to the software

ELTE lecturers, students and staff can access the Turnitin interface with an IIG ID. By selecting ELTE on the login page, the familiar central login interface appears. Based on the entry of the IIG (caesar) ID and password, the system identifies the user and forwards him/her to either the student's or the instructor's subpage.

Information about Turnitin

Information about the software, its use, help, Turnitin Onboarding Academy

User help for students and teachers.

Turnitin's video-help.

Help for student

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