Literature research

Literature research

Literature research

Information on how to borrow can be found here.

To search the library’s book stock, you need to use the online catalog, which can be found here.

MATARKA, the searchable database of the contents of Hungarian journals, helps to search for journals and get to know their content. Recent periodicals can now be studied online. Older, paper-based journals can be found in the reading room, and their existence can also be answered in the catalog.

Our online access resources and subscribed databases cover a wide range of required disciplines and their frontiers:

Our online resources are only available from the university IP range. More information and help on how to access and databases can be found here.

Our data analysis and evaluation license software on library machines:

Help with using the library can be found here: registration, local use, opening hours.

Our research methodology books

Our books in the library for creating scientific content

Why is it good to use the services of the library with a personal presence?

  • Those who do not want to bother with remote access or have no affinity for it are provided with computer and IP address based database use in the directory.
  •  for those who like to create in a friendly environment, with the smile of others, one corner of the reading room is the right choice.
  •  for those who want to suddenly take over a piece of literature, one step is the bookshelf of the reading room.
  •  for those who want a literature background relevant to their topic, the faculty library will provide exactly what they need.
  •  who does not want to lose a lot of information and books, the librarian will guide them in finding and selecting the right works.
  •  whoever is insecure will be taught by the librarian to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the library, with advice to swing beyond stagnation.
  • whoever wants to ask questions has a librarian who can answer everything at hand, who can find what we need at a glance.