History of the library

History of the library

History of the library

The Faculty Library was established in 2004, simultaneously with the establishment of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. The Faculty Library of the Teacher Training College has merged with the Library of the Institute of Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University. During the reorganization, several institutional collections were added to the new library. The diverse themes of the collection, which exceeds 140,000 volumes, completely cover the disciplines of the Faculty. In addition to the paper and audiovisual documents that are now considered traditional, the library provides access to various domestic and foreign databases available via the Internet, and to publications published entirely in electronic form, thus contributing to the transmission of modern universal knowledge.

The ELTE PPK Library is a public library, which can now be considered one of the most visited collections of the University due to its wide range of services and to teacher training at the Faculty.

The PPK Faculty Library collects and explores the special literature on educational science and psychology in Hungarian and foreign languages. As a special library in higher education it integrates the most advanced information technology knowledge and the most modern tools into its own activities; with its highly organized knowledge base, it fits into the educational and scientific system of the Faculty as an information center of knowledge transmission.

The library provides access to traditional and virtual forms of presentation of documents and information at computerized research tables in its reading rooms. The library supports the students' independent research work by organizing user trainings and small group practical briefings. Librarians provide insights into library use and information retrieval as part of a class lecture for first-year students of certain majors. The instructors are provided with MTMT trainings by the local librarian administrators, who not only supervise the uploading of the publication lists to the Hungarian Library of Scientific Works, but also help them to find their way in the jungle of reference search.

The library is a green library, with a special focus on selective waste collection and the rational use of resources.


The Faculty Library awaits those interested in two service locations:

  • in the Kazinczy street section it is mostly pedagogical,
  • in Izabella Street, readers can access mainly psychological literature.